Here at the start of 2018 we’ve had an entire decade of movies produced by Marvel Studios/Disney. Movies that have interconnected to created (as of the time of writing this) a continuity of seventeen films. It took James Bond twenty-five years to do seventeen movies, which don’t exactly connect together. There are a total of thirteen Star Trek movies, but until recently only half of them were worth watching (the even numbers ones). There are only nine Star Wars films of which there are plenty of opinions as to how many of those are worth celebrating. There are eight Harry Potter films, none of which I’ve seen. The Fast and the Furious, Aliens, and Rocky have seven movies. There have been five Die Hard movies, even though people only ever talk about the first one. Four Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon and one with Jeremy Renner. Three Godfather movies. Only two Gremlins movies. And just the one Independence Day movie. Only. One.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe tops all of the above franchises in the sheer amount of material produced. In addition to the movies made there were those shorts they used to put on the DVDs, television series, Netflix series, a Hulu series, and more coming. All of which would never had been imagined to be possible ten year ago. At least not in this interconnected state.

I’m not saying all of this is a good thing. Marvel is a machine that turns out content regularly. There isn’t necessarily a lot of street cred in being a Marvel fan. The cool kids in film school aren’t exactly the ones that gush about Disney properties. However it is my opinion that despite being part of one of the largest corporations in film making, Marvel movies are generally a lot of fun to watch, hit you with the feels in moments, and do offer a large platform for many distinct film makers to be recognized on.

All cards on the table, I am a huge Marvel fan. I’ve lost count how many Marvel comics I own. It is well into the thousands. When I reflect on parts of my past, I almost immediately do a mental checklist of the Marvel comics I was reading at the time. My excitement for Marvel is high. Just to give you an idea of how it is with me, I internally sneer at calling them Infinity Stones. They’re gems. The Infinity Gauntlet holds the six Infinity Gems.

So here at the start of 2018 I notice that if I watch one Marvel movie a week that will take me right up to Avengers: Infinity War. So what I am going to do is watch and write about each Marvel movie. One a week until the release of Infinity War. Unfortunately, this marathon excludes Black Panther, which I don’t anticipate being released for home viewing before the first week of May in 2018. However I’ll figure out a way to include it later.

Without further ado…