Avengers (2012)

This was the big one. Would five movies of set up be worth it for this? Back when “Marvel Studios” was becoming a thing, Keven Feige made the comment, “There is a reason why we’re making movies with these characters.” He was referred to Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk. All of which are founding era Avengers.

I remember being a bit anxious, which is silly. I really wanted this to be good, but if it wasn’t that has nothing to do with me. It would have been another Daredevil, Spider-man 3, or Ghost Rider. The world would keep turning.

But it wasn’t a dud. It was great. A great action ride. The great things of this movie are the characterizations, the spectacle, and the third act fight scene. The weaknesses I have come to see in this film is that the story is pretty flat. Also I have heard it said that it is like an All-Star game in that all the big stars are mashed together, but none get enough time to show off their greatness. I don’t think that is entirely true with Avengers. Captain America seems to get a couple more character beats than everyone else. If this movie belongs to any one character it is him. If. It really doesn’t.

  • Jumps right into Marvel and Tesseract. No Paramount. No Disney.
  • Oops. Paramount.
  • What other experiments are going on in this facility.
  • Agent Coulson!
  • First taste of Avengers score.
  • What is the harness they’re talking about?
  • Creepy Loki face
  • Hiddleston’s eye brow.
  • Maria Hill has pretty much disappeared from these movies.
  • Exciting hook! Not a flashback this time.
  • That is a pretty great score
  • A very Joss Whedon interrogation
  • Is the Black widow origin story a good idea or better left imagined?
  • The big guy.
  • My Mark Rffulo introduction.
  • I don’t always get what I want.”
  • The Other Guy
  • Black Widow fear.
  • Nice Cap recap.
  • The over the shoulder punch bag is kind of dumb.
  • It is fun just to watch Tony Stark take off his armor.
  • What’s up with Stark being. Germaphobe. He is cured.
  • Coulson fanboy.
  • Who is this hooded guy? He has six fingers.
  • The fucking helicarrier
  • So far all of these comic book elements are perfectly calibrated
  • Garment feels like some kind of pg Hannibal Lecter scene
  • An old German guy saying “There are always men like you.” Well done.
  • Reindeer games.
  • Cap just did the off screen Flash trick.
  • Only one god, Ma’am… really?
  • The ravens hovering and watching Thor and Loki. Good pull.
  • The Iron Man armor still looks like a practical effect, mostly.
  • No one has ever has said “boot” like Sam Jackson
  • Unlimited power? Is that a Palpatine homage?
  • Point Break
  • Enormous Green Rage Monster
  • His secrets have secrets.
  • Seeds for Hydra SHIELD
  • One hour in. Act one over. Plot shifts from dealing with Loki to what is shield up to and where is tesseract.
  • Another Loki as Hannibal scene
  • What is a quim?
  • I’d really like to see Nick Fury respond to all the Marvel movies.
  • Mind Gem
  • There is a brotherly thing going on between Cap and Iron Man
  • Scary transformation… Hyde like
  • Cap and Iron Man fixing cars would be fun.
  • Thor/Hulk Round One
  • Story stops during the fight scenes. Except for Stark and Cap. Maybe
  • RIP Coulson
  • Knowing Hawkeye has a family changes Black Widow’s motivations.
  • You’re going to lose” from Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Theme: learning to plant their feet as heroes.
  • Instagram filter
  • I like Jeremy Renner but he might not be a good actor.
  • That red in my ledger stuff doesn’t work so well
  • The Avengers
  • Stark happen to leave his armor bracelets at the bar?
  • He name was Phil.
  • Another clone army and a skybeam.
  • Act three feels like ID4 smashes with a comic book.
  • Thor still trying to appeal to Loki
  • Cap and the Cop.
  • I’m always angry.
  • There goes that score again.
  • Damn.
  • A stupid ass decision.
  • Puny god.
  • Great RDJr facial expressions.
  • Does Nick Fury have a “just Incase” rocket launcher near by at all times?
  • Live on CNN
  • New York Crisis
  • Another Loki/Hannibal image
  • Every world knows it.
  • Maybe Nick Fury is the star.
  • To challenge them is to court death.”
  • That is a very Skrully Thanos

Avengers (2012) is low on plot, but rich in characters, which seems like it could be a problem but Joss Whedon does a great job of giving everyone their moment to show off their individuality. While not a perfect movie, this is far better than it ought to be. It seems like the season finale of a series of movies while also being a fun popcorn blockbuster.

Picking up plot points from previous year’s Marvel movies. Dr. Selvig has been experimenting on the Tesseract. Loki is lost in space and raging from his humiliation by Thor. Steve Rogers is awake in the modern era. And Tony Stark has moved into New York City. There is a lot of momentum going into this movie. The sixth in a series. These six films have about the same amount of run time as a season of an HBO series. Maybe a little more. Avengers is the purpose all those plot lines are strung together in the other films. Either it is worth it or it is not.

It is. While not high cinema, Avengers is massively entertaining. It takes what we loved in each of the previous films and mashes it together. Mashing is the wrong word. Joss Whedon crafts each of them together masterfully. There is a sort of Cain and Able-like brother relationship between Cap and Iron Man. With Stark being the brother than flaunts himself and shows himself off and Cap is the one that conforms to his code of decency. And then in the end the two seemed to have flipped roles when Cap uncovers Hydra weapons on the helecarrier and Iron Man is willing to sacrifice himself with the nuke. There is a yin and yang quality to most of the elements of this story. Everything has its place. Neatly.

There is just so much fun had. The talking parts aren’t really that long. There are like three fight scenes in the first hour of this movie. Then the last 45 minutes are one big fight scene. Complete with clone army and skybeam. And that doesn’t sound that great, but they manage to make it work.

When I say there is little plot… I mean there is like no plot. All of it hangs on getting back the Tesseract. As it turns out, you don’t need much plot to make these movies entertaining.

Highlights of the movie are…

The subtle massaging of Loki into a Hannibal Lecter.

I could watch Captain America and Iron Man rebuild engines all day long. I feel like there is a History Channel series there.

The Hulk’s nicknames.

Coulson’s death really hurts.

Sam Jackson is the guy you expect to bring together the Avengers

The Helecarrier