Comic Daily – Green Lantern Rebirth No. 1

GLSREB-Cv1-open-order-var-b397d-600x923Comic Daily – Green Lantern Rebirth No. 1 – We get Atrocitus’ assessment of the Green Lanterns of Earth. More entertaining is the demarcation of before and after the Green Lanterns of Earth. As if through the entire history of the Green Lantern Corps pivoted, when humans started to wield the ring. I like that.

There already are four Green Lanterns from Earth and this issue introduces us to two new ones. Simon Raz, a Muslim GL, who gets his home graffiti-ed with racism  while he is off planet saving lives. Jessica Cruz is brand new and a mysteriously new GL. Her ring is inexplicably on Earth.

Suddenly, a Manhunter lands. Simon and Jessica’s rings activate and lead them to the alien. Unfamiliar with each other they end up getting in each other’s way. When Hal Jordan reveals all of it was a surprise training exercise he voices his dissatisfaction with both of their performances. To get them used to working with each other he fuses both of their power batteries together to neither can use it without the other. Then goes off world to take care of GL business.

The end is narrated by Atrocitus. HE is going on about the Blackest Night, which has come and gone. Then the Brightest Day, which is also over with. Then adds a new prophecy. One I don’t think we’re familiar with. It is called the Red Dawn, but I don’t think it has anything to do with invading Soviets or Patrick Swayze. At least I hope not because he’s too late for both of those.