Comics Daily – 52 Issue No. 16

dc-comics-52-issue-16Comics Daily – 52 Issue No. 16 – Isis is going to die at the end of this. That is the only way this can go.

In this issue Black Adam and Isis get married. He proposes with a diamond Caesar gave to Cleopatra. The the country goes into a tizzy. Everyone is happy that the king isn’t mass murdering people any more. Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel deliver the ceremony and is Isis’ maid of honor. Black Adam is a “change man.” She brings out the best in him. And after 2000 years he realizes his hair is receding.

The story telling is solid even if it is predictable. It is great too. I’m not complaining. This is a great arc. You have one of DC most powerful bad guys. One that isn’t necessarily motivated by fiendish impulses. A guy whose POV is just different. In his own way Black Adam is for truth and justice, but not at all “the American way.” That makes him a villain from our perspective because his schemes counter ours. However really he just wants what is best for his people. Maybe.

Anyway. They get married, but Montoya and The Question, who are on the run after breaking out of prison in Khandaq realizing the murder scene where they were found was a suicide bombers workshop and they’re going to target the ceremony. It ends up being a kid with a bomb vest and Montoya is torn up, emotionally, about having to take the girl down.

Solid storytelling.