Comics Daily – 52 No. 12

dc-comics-52-issue-12Comics Daily – 52 No. 12 – Yeah. This is going to end well for all the parties involved.

Black Adam’s rebel friend, Adrianna, gives him a speech about power and what one can do through building hope instead of striking fear. He is impressed and moved and by the end of the issue he is giving her the superpowers of the Goddess Isis. And the very first thing she suggests doing is planting a field to feed the hungry. No. Actually, she suggests they go find her brother who was last seen abducted by Intergang and sold into slavery. So. Yeah. That isn’t going to get violent.

This is a classic story. Love shows the villain a new path. It calm the raging fire inside him. Turns him onto the side of light. Then that love is snuffed out and he returns to his ways twice as bad as before. Is it a tale of destiny? That some can’t be moved from their fate. That some can not choose who they are. What does that say about Black Adam’s character. That he cannot help be be evil. Even if he tries to do good for the world, the universe is going to pervert it? That might be the difference between he and Namor.

Namor is good. He fought against the Nazis. He defends his realm and sometimes that puts him against the surface world. However everything he does is selflessly for his people. It seems to be suggested that Black Adam has a different nature. He does what he does to satisfy what? His ego? His image? To make him superior?