Comics Daily – 52 No. 13

86122-18053-105841-1-52Comics Daily – 52 No. 13 – Todd Nauck is one of my favorite comic book artists. He was the main artist on one of my favorite DC books, Young Justice. He did some Spider-man work for Marvel. He has a dynamic superhero style. The action seems extraordinary, but not absurd.

He is does every page of this issue of 52, which starts with Elongated Man and some Justice Leaguers infiltrating a Kryptonian Cult, Black Adam and Isis raiding some slavers, then back to the cult action. Nauck makes Isis come off the page. She whips up the elements against a child slave ring. At the same time Black Adam rips the roof off of a building.

Nauck’s tone is unreal. He doesn’t have a realistic style. However there is a weight to the action. It feels like a superhero world. He possesses a happy medium between cartoony and realistic.

The plot takes a hard turn towards the end of the book. Ralph’s slipping grasp on sanity seems to deperately let go when it appears that Sue is calling out to him from beyond the grave. His friends tell him there isn’t any way she can be brought back from the grave. And for a while it seems like he realizes that. Then he doesn’t.