Comics Daily – 52 No. 14

dc-comics-52-issue-14Comics Daily – 52 No. 14 – 52 doesn’t feel like one comic book. It feels like at least four comic books taking place in its own pocket DC Universe. That kind of makes it Heroes Reborn, but good.

Heroes Reborn was a Marvel imprint that separated Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, and Avengers from the regular continuity and set it in its own universe that was designed by a lot of the guys they set up Image Comics in the early 90’s. Except 52 takes the best guys from the early 2000s DC and Marvel, as well as a click of DC’s B and C list characters. It doesn’t sound that much better, but it is.

So far the main plots active are Steel and his relationship with his superhero niece. Renee Montoya and The Question trying to capture Intergang. Booster Gold’s scheme to use information from the future to save the present, make himself the biggest name in superhero=-ing, then sell the rights to that name for as much money as he can get. Ralf Digby coming to terms with his wife’s death. And Black Adam becoming a superhero (but we know that isn’t going to end well).

It works because it is a self contained story. There is a momentum to it that is engaging. The writing weaves different characters and plots around each other. They occupy the same setting, but don’t collide. Everyone gets where they’re going without smashing into each other.

In this issue Montoya and The Question take a trip to Black Adam’s country and conflict results.