Comics Daily – 52 No. 17

52_17Comics Daily – 52 No. 17 – I forgot about these guys. Animal Man, Starfire, and Adam Strange are on their own Lost in Space series. Again, 52 is more like an anthology of comic book stories than one arc.

On their last adventure the space trio got their way into space after being stranded on a lost planet. They finally get their ship back up into space, but nothing is there. Worse off their ship isn’t a ship as much as it is a lifeboat. So they can’t expect to get too far on their own. It will take them centuries to get back to earth, but before then they only have two week of breathable air. Then the reason for their isolation makes itself known.

I don’t know a lot about Lobo. My understanding is he is some kind of response to Marvel’s 80’s success with Wolverine. Except Lobo doesn’t necessarily have a code of honor. He is a space bounty hunter. The last survivor of his world. So he is like Superman. Except he killed everyone on his world. So not like Superman. He was voiced by Brad Garrett in the Superman and Justice League cartoons. He is “The Main Man.”

Starfire coaxes Lobo to tow them somewhere there is civilization and she does it topless. And with money.