Comics Daily – 52 No. 21

f6ceca33d1b135d285eed4fc2ea3d5ce_lComics Daily – 52 No. 21 – Infinity Inc! I don’t know who they are, but it is a great name for superheroes.

Apparently, Infinity Inc. was a team of superheroes who were the kids of the original Justice Society. This version of the team are Lex Luthor’s LexCorp made heroes. The name of which he acquired through legal wrangling. Then the members of which he focused grouped for optimal marketability. Then trademarked the code-names of to sell the rights of. And then hired writers to think of catchie banter that will make them likable. Lex Luthor took the idea of a reality TV show and turned it into a superhero group.

It is the kind of plot that makes a good comic book. Not a comic book movie or a TV show. It isn’t epic enough to blast into a two hour film. It is bigger than the one episode of Justice League or Young Justice or whatever it would be on TV. It is ideal for however many issues of superhero soap opera it needs to unfold and set up the next story.

Except in 52 it probably isn’t going to work out that way. I expect this is the one shot this version of Infinity Inc gets. However this will be a developing chapter for Natasha, Steel’s niece and leader of this LexCorp Justice League.

Great name.