Comics Daily – 52 No. 22

dc-comics-52-issue-22Comics Daily – 52 No. 22 – Considering this series came out once a week for a whole year, without being late once, it is impressive it too this long before the gimmick was felt. This issue feels a little bit like a breather. It isn’t filler. It isn’t a hole in the plot. It just feels like they needed a moment to ease up and catch their second wind.

Maybe this is act two of the grand arc within this series. A lot of story has been established. Although another plot beat seems to get started here. We’re introduced to Super Chief. A native American on his way to Metropolis.

This guy feels like a Grant Morrison addition to the story. He is a trippy DC concept from days back. He is contemporary without sacrificing the core elements for grim and gritty. Although there is a panel with him standing over his grandfather’s body on its death bed. However it doesn’t feel like it is a tonal change from what the character represents. It feels more like looking at the same concepts through a modern lens.

Then some stuff with the Metal Men and other stuff with Steel happens. All of it seems to be material meant to keep the ball moving.