Comics Daily – 52 No. 24

83408379248e8cd55567b94a256112dd_lComics Daily – 52 No. 24 – The new Justice League. They seem more like the Great Lakes Avengers. Firestorm gathers together a rabble of misfit superheroes. They don’t know what they’re doing and people get hurt. Luthor’s Infinity Inc. swoops in and lends a hand. The whole thing is a ploy to get people to believe Lex Luthor is their hero. To what end? His own ego or for their own good or whatever.

Also Martian Manhunter goes about remembering fallen heroes by arranging statues of them in the original Justice League headquarters. Their mountain fortress in Rhode Island. I wonder whose idea it was to put the Justice League in Rhode Island. Not in context of the DC Universe. I mean at the DC offices. When they were writing Justice League comics back in the day, I wonder how it was decided to put them in Rhode Island. The Watchtower I understand. A satellite or moon base is sexy. The Hall of Justice in Washington DC makes a certain amount of sense. However someone had the thought to put originally set the universes mightiest in Rhode Island. That is interesting.

These new guys seem to be operating out of Firestorm’s apartment. And in years past Firestorm has made his base of operations in Pittsburgh. Not THAT far away from one of the Great Lakes.