Comics Daily – 52 No. 25

1471811-25Comics Daily – 52 No. 25 – The Black Adam family save Halloween. Demons attack a group of kids during Halloween. The unnatural energies of the beasts attract the attention of Isis. So she and he husband and brother fly across the world to save the day. It is a fun story.

The follow up is the helmet of Doctor Fate escorting Ralph Dibny through the various planes of Hell and treating him to the tale of Felix Faust. How the villain repeatedly sold his soul to various magical beings. Doing so for arcane powers and then buying it back. Only each time he managed to buy back his soul it has lost a bit of its luster. That and it always cost more than he sold it for. Eventually, the higher powers of Hell lost their interest. He had devalued himself. Until only lower creatures would engage with his bargains.

The tale is told as a warning. That Ralph don’t squander what he still has. His wife is lost to him, but he remains. Thought it pains him to continue there are worse fates to suffer than love lost. There is more to lose than what he has already. So Elongated Man turns back at Hell’s door. He leaves his crazy quest behind him. And vows to honor his wife’s memory by doing good on earth.

No he doesn’t he leaps into the abyss because this is barely the half way mark for this series