Comics Daily – All New All Different Avengers No. 11

5291590-11Comics Daily – All New All Different Avengers No. 11 – I wonder if the soap opera aspect of comic books is diminished by writing for the trade style. In years past a series would go on and on and on for hundreds of issues. Stories would weave through each other. Plot points would drop away and get picked up seemingly out of no where. However now it seems like some comics wrap an arc up in six issues or so. Comic book stories feel less like a tapestry of plot points and character arcs. Now they feel modular.

Last issue the Avengers went into space to search for Nova’s father. This feels like an abrupt change in setting. Almost like someone said, “Lets do an Avengers in space issue.” And that is fine, I guess. All I am saying is that feel different than the comic books I read in the past.

Once in space they’re attacked, sucked into the Negative Zone and separated. Annihilus is the villain. He is luring people into a trap to capture them, enslaved them, and have them serve him. Thor asks why he would do such a thing when he already dominates and entire universe and he basically responds along the lines of, “Because I’m evil.”

After being apart for about four or five pages, our heroes are assembled and doing battle with Annihilus. Vision goes from suddenly being deathly poisoned by being in the Negative Zone to cured by Nova’s helmet’s tech and fighting.

In the third act they realize Annihilus is using Mar-vel’s quantum bands as a dimensional doorway. They take the band off of the villain and return home. Mostly.

The whole thing seems too neat. We go into space. We get sucked into the Negative Zone. We fight Annihilus. We come home. It feels more like plotting for a cartoon episode than a comic book.