Comics Daily – Black Widow No. 4

BlackWidow4Comics Daily – Black Widow No. 4 – I don’t know much about Black Widow. She is a dead zone in my Marvel Universe knowledge. I know she was introduced in an early issue of Iron Man. She has had relationships with Hawkeye and Daredevil. She had a grey jumpsuit kind of costume in the 90’s. She did something with Wolverine and Captain America, maybe during World War II, in a Jim Lee issue if X-Men.

More recently, the Red Room has become part of her origin. It is the Soviet training program that conditioned her to be a spy and a killer. It is also where she had a relationship with Winter Solider during his training.

Anyway. She eventually became the SHIELD agent and Avenger we know her to be now. Also she’s being blackmailed into recovering Red Room documents.

And the plot thickens. Apparently, there is a new “room” training program. The Dark Room. And an old friend of Natasha’s is running it. And she’s kicking ass.

Waid is great. He is. I’ve enjoyed him since Age of Apocalypse and 90’s Cap. However Samnee is killing it. His story telling in this adds a 70’s spy thriller feeling. Velvet does it similarly, but the aesthetics of these two are polar opposites.