Comics Daily – Captain America: Steve Rogers No. 2

Captain_America_Steve_Rogers_Vol_1_2_TextlessComics Daily – Captain America: Steve Rogers No. 2 – I don’t get it. Did people think they rectconned Captain America to have been a Hyrda agent all this time. Did they think they were going to fly in the face of 70 years of comics, three mega successful movies, cartoons, branding, and toys? Why get so angry over a break from the status quo? I wonder if those same pissy internet people know about the time Rogers and Paladin crossed dressed to infiltrate a group of female super villains. Everyone knows Cap Wolf, but no one ever talks about girly Cap.

Exactly what I expected happened. The cosmic cube. The same cosmic cube that has been in the past four months of Avengers and Captain America comics. What the fuck people? It is like this is the firs time you’ve read comics. What did you think it was going to be? That all these years Cap was a Nazi? Every single story against the Red Skull was a ploy? When he stood up to Thanos during Infinity Gauntlet he was doing it for fascism even though his speech was about freedom over tyranny. I don’t get it internet. I expected you to be cooler than this.

Nick Spencer is certainly wracking up attention for himself and Captain America. So far so good. This one got me into the comic book store on Wednesday. I haven’t been there in the middle of the week since I can’t remember when.

Is there a way we can get Professor X’s powers away from Red Skull? It seems very lame to say he has them, but he doesn’t use them because it would be too easy.