Comics Daily – Future Quest No. 1

bshsrva6mva7wpfcskv2Comics Daily – Future Quest No. 1 – This comic delivers.

Jeff Parker immediately sets up an engaging universe for all of these Hana Barbera characters to exist in. Immediately, we’re offered what has to be the secret origin of Space Ghost. Then we’re dropped into the present where Johnny Quest and Hadji wearing jet packs and rocketing around the Florida Everglades when a rip in space/time opens up. Birdman happens to be on the scene and soars in to the rescue the pair from the clutches of Doctor Zin.

Evan Shaner brings the whole thing home. The art immediately sets you in the world we know. Everyone is recognizable. They have that Hana Barbera house style, but with a uniquely dynamic flare. Maybe it is ironic that these comic book panels feel more alive than what I remember of the episodes of cartoons these characters come from. However these guys never moved in the way they do on these pages.

There is a depth in this story telling that never existed in the old cartoons. I actually paused and felt a little sad when the image of the dead Herculoid shows up. Lets hope the guy was just unconscious or in some kind of suspended animation.

I’m real psyched for the rest of this series. Jeff Parker rarely steers me wrong and I might be falling for this Evan Shaner’s art.