Comics Daily – Grayson No. 20

grayson20Comics Daily – Grayson No. 20 – Nope. No clue. I could not tell you what the whole point of this series has been. Even after reading twenty pages of it. The only thing I could tell you is because of trippy spy reasons now the whole has forgotten Dick Grayson is Nightwing. At the beginning of this series Dick Grayson had to give up being a superhero because the world had come to know his secret identity. So becoming a spy was his next career move. Because you don’t need to have a secret identity as a spy. Except for reasons that isn’t the case anymore.

I don’t know what the heck this was all about. It made Huntress into a spymaster. It tried to make something out of Spyral, but I think that was a mistake. It was better as some kind of oblique conspiracy in Grant Morrison’s imagination, but then what isn’t. Checkmate showed up but were bad guys.

The New 52 sucked. I don’t like to be negative. I like to find the good in everything. But really, it seems like the driving force of The New 52 was to legitimize the 90’s aesthetic. It seems like someone thought if they took the 90’s style and applied it to the establishment of DC superheroes then there would be… I don’t know what they thought. However I hated it. Good riddance. Bring on Nightwing.