Comics Daily – Mockingbird No. 4

mockingbird4Comics Daily – Mockingbird No. 4 – Why isn’t anyone talking about this comic? Are people talking about this comic? It is great.

Bobbi has been searching for the origins of a virus in her system. The adventure brings her to a secret underwater TIM base. They’re like AIM, but they wear red suits instead of yellow ones. They seek to weaponize the virus. She is there for intel, but SHIELD sent another operative. Hawkeye is captured by TIM and Mockingbird has to make the rescue.

She is really smart. They play the scientist card with her. Black Widow is the SHIELD kick ass fighter. Mockingbird is SHIELD’s kick ass scientist.

Mockingbird is another character I have something of blind spot with. I know she was married to Hawkeye. A member of West Cost Avengers. And during Secret Invasion it was revealed that she’d been captured by Skrulls some time in the past. This series is adding a lot of depth to the modern version of the character.

It also has paper dolls. Each issue has had a page of paper dolls of Mockingbird. Including outfits like scubawear, Russian soldier, and a dominatrix. The current issue adds Hawkeye with some shorts. I hope this doesn’t get cancelled any time soon