Comics Daily – Revival No. 40

Revival_40-1Comics Daily – Revival No. 40 – Whoa. This one really turns the corner. Hard. Things are going down.

There is a lot of good in Revival. One of the better elements of this series has been the characterization of Dana’s son. Cooper feels like a real ten year old kid. A guy that just wants to play with his action figures, be with his mom, and know his dad. He is scared when it is appropriate for a kid to get scared. He isn’t a snarky, sarcastic, jerk. Tim Seeley does a real good job of crafting a character than feels genuine.

We’re rapidly approaching our climax. Actually, by the end of this issue I say we’ve arrived. I’m not sure why we’re only now getting introduced to this Amish ninja. Even more so, I’m not sure why she is being framed for a lot of the nonsense hopping off. I smell a spin off brewing.

I am genuinely going to miss this thing when it is gone. Mostly for the Mike Norton art. I’m going to have to find whatelse he is doing. Those Agents of SHIELD covers aren’t going to be enough. I’m petitioning Marvel to put him on the Thunderbolts. I think that would be a wild time.