Comics Daily – Squadron Supreme No. 8

Squadron-Supreme-8Comics Daily – Squadron Supreme No. 8  – The Inhumans are in everything or at least it seems that way.

Doctor Spectrum is an Inhuman or she gets her power from whatever energy The Inhumans use or something. I don’t know. I’m not sure if everyone at Marvel is suddenly psyched for these characters or if there is some kind editorial mandate to spin them in another light. There is certainly a push to make them mutant-like. Whatever role mutants have had in the Marvel’s past, it seems to be owned by Inhumans now. However it just isn’t the same. It just isn’t.

Squadron Supreme on the other hand don’t seem to have a direction. They’re kind of The Authority. Except all they’ve done alone those lines is assassinate Namor. It seems like they’re starting to become something. A Skrull in the guise of white guy Nighthawk tries to kill black guy Nighthawk, but fails and is revealed for who he is. They jump to the conclusion that Warrior Woman had gone to space. She’s made herself the queen of a space empire and now she is attacking Squadron Supreme.

They’re missing a decent angle. One no other group could fit. Squadron Supreme could be a group of refugees trying to naturalize in a new world. All of them come from a new destroyed alternate earth. Without a home to go back to they have to make a place in our Marvel earth. Some people don’t want them around. Some welcome them. The world is strange and the same all at once. There you go, Marvel, I just fixed this comic for you. You’re welcome.

And I appreciated the tease about everything working out for Namor.