Comics Daily – Star Wars No. 20

Star_Wars_20Comics Daily – Star Wars No. 20 – There is some really great characterization going on here. We flash back to the time before Episode Four while Luke is about twelve years old. We don’t get any new information to the Luke myth, but we get some texture.

Apparently, Uncle Own and Aunt Beru are total bad asses. When Black Krrsantan comes around and abducts Owen to draw Obi Wan out of hiding, the couple do impressively well to hold their own against the monstrous Wookie bounty hunter. When Obi Wan does she up he barely saves the day. And really only with the help of Luke and his busted up skyhopper.

This is a great one shot story. A day on Tattooine. Luke is running away to get away from the boring live with his aunt and uncle. Jabba’s bounty hunters are trying to figure out who is mysteriously messing with their employer’s affairs. Obi-Wan is hanging with the banthas, which he has named.

Something happened while reading this issue. I’m not sure what causes it. It generally happens when I read a Paul Dini Batman story or reading Agents of SHIELD comic. I hear the voices of the actors when I read the dialogue of their characters. I’m not sure what causes that. I don’t hear Chris Evans when I read Captain America. But this time when I read Obi Wan, I heard Ewan McGrgor.