Comics Daily – Superman No. 52

07_10Comics Daily – Superman No. 52 – This is the second time I’ve read a death of a Superman man story. I feel like the first one was better, but considering the emo-like state of character the New 52 Superman was characterized with, this was decent. It at least felt like a DC comic.

Some guy thinks he is Superman and attacks the real Superman while he is dying of Kryptonite poisoning. While Superman is flying back to Metropolis in the Batwing with Wonder Woman at his side. This guy, some dude from North Carolina who was struck by sentient energy (sounds like typical DC Universe) and turned into a energy man with Clark Kent’s memories. He punches and throws the weakened Superman around while Clark tries to talk him out of it. In death the New 52 Superman is more like the Man of Steel we know than he ever was during the past five years.

That may not be fair. I ditched on Action Comics about six issues into the reboot, but I’ve never heard anything.

Everyone shows up by the end. Supergirl crashes in and gives Kal a breather. Batman rams the Batwing into the guy. Pre-New 52 Superman shows up, with his Riker beard, and helps get fake-Superman into outer space. In the end New 52 Supes saves everyone. Says good bye to his friends. Inspires hope in his partners. Tells Wonder Woman he loves her. Then it is over.