Comics Daily – The Might Thor No. 8

THOR2015008_COVComics Daily – The Might Thor No. 8 – Jane Foster is Thor. Spoiler alert? Jane Foster is Thor, but when she isn’t she is dying of cancer. That is a pretty good hook.

Right at the beginning of this issue is a week in the life of Thor. Using her godly powers to bring water to a dessert and fly through space. However the one that twists your gut are the two panels that show her helping a friend. Seemingly someone she met during treatment of her own cancer. She hovers a sickly looking woman over a group of whales. Her hand stretched out to touch the animal fin. Then Thor is hovering alone while a priest delivers his sermon graveside.

We have a Thor that is mortal. One whose mortality is running out. While she has months left in the land of the living she is commanding elemental forces of the universe. She isn’t a petulant child or a noble warrior. She is a woman enjoying herself to her fullest, which in her current godly scale is pretty damn awesome. Talk about power fantasy.

The art is wild too. It delivers the flash of action and power when the hammer is swinging and the lines of fragility and exhaustion when Jane Foster is waiting for her chemo.