Comics Daily – Vision No. 7

5190694-0+vision2015007_dc11-0Pre-Heroes Reborn my knowledge of Avengers is pretty much just the big moments. They comes together to stop Loki. Cap shows up and Hulk leaves. Kree/Skrull War. Korvac. Avengers VS X-Men (the one with the Soviets not the one with Phoeinx). Avengers: West Coast was a thing. I know the moments, but not the details.

One such detail is the relationship of Vision and Scarlet Witch. However this issue fills in the gaps. We get glimpses of the emotional ups and downs of Vision and Scarlet Witch’s love life. The pair awkwardly in bed together for the first time. Then they’re off to the side stealing a moment with each other while the rest of the Avengers take on Count Nefaria. All the way through Wanda manifesting two children with Vision confronting her on it and then throwing right back in his face that nature isn’t the only way life comes about (at least in the Marvel Universe).

This  issue is plotted along well. I know the direction thier romance goes. I know the present, which does not include them together. Yet while reading this, I am hoping it works out for them. Knowing it doesn’t, I get lost in the narrative.